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Share Screen

  We have found another way to help serve our clients better.  

By using screen sharing technology we can now quickly go over offers, paperwork, and any listing information in the comfort of your own home. Without having to drive to an office, get the kids a sitter, or even have to straighten up your home and offer us a cup of coffee.

  Its literally is ready to go in seconds with out any complicated procedures  
  Also do not worry about having to go on camera or even having to setup a mic on your computer. Its not necessary. We are only using the share screen technology. To communicate I will simple call you on your regular phone. This will allow us to have crystal clear conversations, with the ability to watch your agents screen.  

Simply call broker Shan Roberts direct 949-391-5091 on a normal land line phone, or cell phone.

After you get him on the phone, he will send you an email with a link. just click the link and we are ready to go.

The screen share is now connected, It works best if you click on the microphone icon to mute it. Remember we are not trying to use the calling features through Skype, we are just using its screen share function. All the conversation will be done through a regular phone to insure there are no difficulties with setting up sound or feedback.

That's it, setup is complete. Within a few moments you will see the brokers screen crystal clear on your screen. . This will be an important tool in the rest of your real estate transaction,



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